Teaching Entrepreneurship In University – Teaching Conformists How To Be Non Conformists?

“…we do not spoonfeed our students.”, said a professor from Singapore Management University.

I had an interview there recently. I was with four other prospective interviewees who were like me, trying to secure a place in a relatively new establishments in Singapore.

“The Singapore education system is a conveyor belt.”, remarks a Polytechnic student in Singapore.

I was sighing as I was pondering over her quotes.

From a young age, I have been told that I must make it to university and be a lawyer or doctor. For years, I have been told to get good grades and degrees. For years, I have been taught to be a cog in this ‘machine’ called school.

I remembered Robert.T.Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad,Poor Dad) criticizing education systems in schools.

I was chucking as I was listening to the professor’s speech. In an education system, everyone goes through a fixed set of syllabus. Everyone is taught the same rules and protocols. In that case, how can it breed initiative and entrepreneurship if all is taught to conform?

Some of you may argue that every university has its own style of teaching and incorporating entrepreneurship, I beg to differ. By choosing the typical (and safe) route to university, everyone is now a conformist. Learning comes through experience, it doesn’t comes through rote learning. A better oiled cog is still a cog. It is still part of the system.

Am I part of a cog in this dreadful education system which Robert.T.Kiyosaki described?

In that case, you may be asking why I am still going into University. The reason is simple. I plan to equip myself with the essential skills necessary to be an entrepreneur. Thereafter, I will remove myself from the ‘system’ and embark on my entrepreneurial dream.

I guess I am the intelligent cog which studies how the machine works and learns how to jam and defeat it.