Sex Tips: Getting Into Role Playing

Even couples who enjoy a vibrant sex life can occasionally use some sex tips to make things even spicier in bed. One of the most common sex tips is to take active steps to keep things fresh and not let one’s sex life slowly become stale. For many couples, that means exploring things they haven’t tried before, whether it’s a new sex position or sex in a different location or some other option – such as incorporating role playing into their sex lives.

Role playing

Simply put, role playing is simply an adult version of the child’s game “Let’s pretend.” Sexual role playing enables a person or a couple to live out some of their sexual fantasies in a safe manner. This is an especially good activity for a couple who has been together for a long time and whose sex lives may have lost a little sparkle and/or spontaneity.

In role playing, a couple agrees on a scenario to act out – or, in some cases, agrees just to improvise a scenario, without any planning beforehand. For beginners, most sex tips advisers recommend spending some time laying out a few ground rules. These might include:

– Make sure both players are comfortable. A partner should not be forced into role playing if they truly do not want to. If they are hesitant but not adamantly opposed, it’s good to communicate what is keeping them from playing and determining if they are just “shy” and might need a little push, or if they have a real opposition to playing.

– Discuss boundaries. In advance, be sure to be clear on what each partner finds acceptable and what each one does not. This is especially important if the role playing is going to include any kind of “kink” component, such as bondage. Some partners may be uncomfortable even with just incorporating certain language phrases, so be sure to clear the air in advance.

– Don’t judge. When discussing possible fantasies to role play, partners should not be judgemental. It can take a lot of courage to discuss some things that turn a person on, so be respectful; if it is a fantasy that is not an option for a partner, they should say they don’t feel they could do that without getting condemning their partner.


So once a couple decides to try a little role playing and has discussed this, they may be stuck for some examples of roles to play. The following are offered strictly as suggestions:

– Officer and lawbreaker. A very popular one, in which one partner is an officer of the law and the other has broken the law in some way. For example, she may have been caught speeding or he may have been apprehended breaking into a bank. Often the scenario involves the perpetrator offering to exchange sexual favors in order to be set free.

– Movie characters. Pick two characters from a favorite movie and have sex in character. This may include a seduction scene as well, especially if these are characters a couple has “shipped” who don’t actually get together in the movie.

– Fire officer. A fire officer rescues a person from a burning building – and while giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation develops a burning passion.

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