Selecting Memorable Kindergarten Graduation Quotes

I will share with you a personal experience of the power of kindergarten graduation ceremonies. I was graduating from university when I heard that there were problems with the ceremony. I was worried because I was away from the country and my parent was the only one trying to organize things. What happened next was quite amazing. One of the local priests came along and decided that he was going to lead the prayers and the organization.

He gave what can only be described as a marvelous speech with a ten point program to succeed. I treasured those moments and have kept them on video for my own children to see when I grow up. This gave me insight into the process of trying to created memorable graduation quotes for the kindergarten. I have decided to come up with some tips on what are the best things to do to ensure that you can handle this sensitive issue with the requisite diligence that your child would expect from you.

  • Keep a record of all the quotes that you used for the kindergarten graduation because the child might want to refer back to them when they are grown up or when they are just reminiscing about the occasion. If you destroy these quotes, it is highly unlikely that they will ever be recovered.
  • Tell the child in their own language during the kindergarten graduation what is going on and you might even want to interpret the quotes and comments that have been made. This gives them an immediate appreciation of the situation and when they grow older they can go into the detail.
  • Invite people to the kindergarten graduation who are good communicators particularly when it comes to children. This will pay off in the long run because everyone will understand what is going on. If you invite a very boring speaker then your party will fall flat on its face, causing you damage and destroying the reputation that you may have built. It will also not be a particularly pleasant experience for the children.
  • Be innovative in the way that you research and disseminate the memorable quotations for the kindergarten graduation. One family impressed me with a front hall display with post stick notes that held all the things that people had thought about the event. They also had a guest book which allowed for more formal compliments. Imagine the joy of that child when they grow up and see the history of their kindergarten graduation reflected in the written quotations.
  • Remember that the quotations will also include reflections from all those who participated in the organization and implementation of the kindergarten graduation ceremony. It is therefore fitting that the children themselves are given the opportunity to express their own personal thought about the proceedings. This is what the Montessori system is all about. The occasion belongs to the child and they are stakeholders who must be allowed to express themselves.

You the parent also have a role to play in the creation of the memorable quotes. At a later stage your child might be interested to note your perspective on proceedings.