Anal Sex: 8 Tips for Fun, Safe Play

Anal sex certainly isn’t for everyone, but some men and women can’t get enough. For the beginner, the practice may be a bit intimidating, but partners can educate themselves about the ins and outs of posterior play to make the activity as pleasurable and safe as possible. Practicing proper anal, vaginal and penile care before, during and after anal sex is crucial, and the following information will help couples learn how to do so.

Why the Behind?

Anal sex may be appealing to both men and women for several reasons. Men may want to penetrate a posterior because it is tighter than a vagina. They may also enjoy the somewhat taboo nature of the act, and who could blame them?

Women may enjoy rear penetration for a couple reasons. First, the nerve ending around the anus are very sensitive and some find penetration stimulating. Second, there are sensitive areas between a woman’s rectum and vagina that may create pleasure when pressure within the rectum is placed upon them.

Some men enjoy being penetrated in the behind, and not just gay men. The prostate gland is stimulated during posterior play for a man, and this can be highly enjoyable. Plus, his anal nerve endings are just as sensitive as hers.

Is it Safe?

Anal sex can be safe, but special precautions are required. This is primarily because the risk of spreading infections, both vaginal and sexually transmitted, are high with anal play.

The transmission rates of HIV and HPV are higher for anal sex than vaginal sex. That’s because the anus and rectum are not naturally lubricated, so, even when a product is used for extra lubrication, tears in and around the anus are likely to occur. Broken skin gives viruses easy access to the body.

Women are more prone to vaginal infections when anal sex is involved in playtime because the rectum is full of bacteria, since its primary function is to store feces. If a penis or toy that has been in her rectum is inserted into the vagina without being very thoroughly cleaned or without a condom change, she is prone to developing an infection.

Another potential complication of regular anal sex is the loosening of the anal sphincter. This muscle allows a person to hold feces in until the appropriate time to release. If it weakens, one’s ability to “hold it” weakens, too.

Though rare, ample bleeding after anal sex could indicate a hole in the colon, which requires an immediate trip to the hospital.

Steps to Take

1) Lube, lube, lube.

2) Wash the anal area before and after sex.

3) Wear a condom.

4) Only use water-based lubricant if latex condoms are used.

5) Relax – the receiving partner will incur fewer anal tears if he or she is relaxed upon insertion.

6) Change the condom and wash the penis before entering any other orifice.

7) Know your partner’s sex history and STI status.

8) If on the receiving end, perform anal Kegel exercises to maintain sphincter muscle tone.

Taking care of the anus, vagina and penis is essential to safe and pleasurable anal sex. Another thing men can do to look out for their penises, along with practicing proper hygiene, is to use a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to promote good skin condition, ample circulation and nerve function. Applying such a product after showering can keep the penis pleasant to the eye and touch. A crème with a combination of natural moisturizers such as Shea butter and vitamin E is ideal for tag-teaming dry skin, both providing and sealing in moisture.

Ideas for Fun and Games in the Classroom

Sometimes there’s no other way of getting pupils to calm down and focus on the matter in hand than playing a few games to get rid of their excess energy. Games can also be used to explain obscure concepts and theories that can be hard to grasp, particularly for those students who struggle to get good results in the subject.


It’s always a good idea to kick off the new year, new term or new semester with a few icebreaker games, particularly if any new students have joined the class or if it’s a first year class. This is likely to see the kids instantly take a shine to the teacher and the subject, heightening their interest in attending future classes.

But don’t jump into the deep end straight away. Making kids carry out problem solving games too soon could do more harm than good to group dynamics and the overall atmosphere in class. Start with lighthearted games and quizzes that aren’t overly competitive and focused on winning. And always make sure you debrief the group if any conflict has arisen or if you feel someone has been left out.


There is vast potential for fun and games in language classes. In many cases, printing texts is the only form of preparation you need to carry out. For example, a great game is to print out popular poems or book extracts, handing one to each pupil in the class. Request a volunteer to be the conductor of the group, and make your students develop their own sign language to indicate what tone of voice and level of volume they should be reading at. Once this has been determined, the conductor can lead the class in a textual chorus.

Alternatives include quizzes on grammar and popular literature, and spelling bees.

Maths and Science

It’s well worth easing students into science and maths subjects gradually. Introducing them to formulae and complex concepts from day one is more likely to scare the class rather than intrigue them.

Make your students count from 1 to 100 as fast as possible, do the times table backwards, or think of 100 things to do with an object such as a test tube or a ruler in a set period of time.

At a later stage, geometry puzzles can greatly help illustrate mathematical ideas and concepts, or you could do science experiments such as building a fruit battery or solar cooker.

Remember, though games are highly enjoyable, it’s very important to strike a balance between fun and seriousness so as not to harm your authority in the eyes of your students.

Don’t Be Afraid of Adult Dating Online – It Can Find You Bliss!

If you can believe it, there are literally tens of thousands of people who have genuinely found love online with adult dating sites. And they are perfectly happy, now living together, some have married and some have taken the next step and have had children.

Whats wrong with dating online? Nothing, but a lot of people in denial about their lives see it as a stigma, a weakness, an act of desperation for those who cannot function like a normal member of society by finding their partner in the real world. I beg to differ. Things have changed massively over the past few years and the internet no longer has the social stigma it once had.

Yes, sexual predators often use the internet to rope in their victims but these are uncontrolled online communication tools that have no governing laws. If you know what to look out for and where to go, you will be in for the dating experience of your lifetime. Is a busy executive, successful yet working more than 90 hours a week a by product of social stigmatism just because he is looking for a date online? What about a person who is shy and too fearful to approach a member of the opposite sex finding the courage he or she needs online? What about someone who is affected by a blemish? Or in a part of the world wrought by disaster? What then?

We have to think outside of the small minded theories of the internet and look back through the emerging moral kaleidoscope of the post modern world. The internet has become the platform for people all over the world to find love and why not? Is it so inconceivable that a platform borne out of technology, one that connects more than 6 million people a day be used to create beautiful love amongst two willing and consenting adults? Why must we be limited by our surroundings. We should never be forced by principles and by aspects of our existence into loneliness or being with someone that we do not truly love.

The world is truly our oyster and the adult dating online scene has helps many to reach out from beyond their struggling and lonely lives and thrust them back into a world of happiness. Opening an email with the same excitement as reading a love letter and the feeling of anticipation as one awaits the reply from someone miles away. The destination of love is always the same, the vehicle might have changed a bit but happiness comes eventually. I will say now and here that no one should be afraid of adult dating online, the only fear that they should have is fear itself, fear to not try it out, fear of being labeled weird or desperate by obviously ignorant people. Once you overcome this fear, you might find that you can and will meet the person of your dreams.